Hong Kong Adventure Corps

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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision


The Hong Kong Adventure Corps aims to become an excellent and widely recognized uniformed youth group – providing high-quality discipline and leadership training of adventurous nature to young people.



Our Mission


To help young people to develop their character and leadership skills through tough and challenging training with a distinctive military flavour which promotes qualities of responsibility, self-confidence, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance and a sense of serving the community.



Our Values


  1. To be loyal to the Corps, respect her traditions and have a firm belief in the significance and value of her contributions to the community.
  2. To be ready to serve the community and the Corps in a devoted and selfless manner.
  3. Volunteer instructors to be competent, experienced and highly-motivated and hold the belief that the honour of the Corps together with the safety and well-being of those they lead always come first.
  4. Cadets to be well-trained, disciplined, fit, polite and display initiative determination and team spirit.
  5. Former members to remain a useful, responsible and law-abiding citizen and continue serving the Hong Kong community.



(Revised on 1 January 2020)