Hong Kong Adventure Corps

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Our Training

Our Training

HKAC provides a wide range of adventurous training activities shown below to the cadets for the purpose of developing the personal qualities and leadership skills of the young people in Hong Kong. Our training programmes are usually conducted over the weekends or during long school holidays, i.e. the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.  In view of the very nature of our training and mode of operation, the training activities for our cadets are mostly conducted at our two base camps in Sai Kung and in various country parks out in the New Territories, and our cadets have to be transported to our training camps or various training grounds as well as to the location where they perform community services.

1.Foot drill and discipline

Foot drill is the one of the important discipline training in the organized uniform group. All cadets are required to practice foot drill in our regular training programme. HKAC provides the following foot drill training to our cadets.

  • Basic foot drill
  • Arms drill
  • Lance drill
  • Pacestick drill
  • Guidon and Color drill
  • Flag Raising

HKAC cadets perform foot drill at the Annual Parade in Hong Kong Police College located at Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, and participates in various join activities/competitions with other uniformed groups every year. These include the 1 July Flag Raising Ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square and Nation Day Flag Raising Ceremony at the Museum of Coastal Defense.

Guidon and Color drill
Basic foot drill Flag Raising Ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square

2.First aid, health and safety

HKAC provides training of first aid, health and safety to the cadets for the purpose of promoting health and safety awareness in home, at work, at play, on streets and during training. Our cadets would learn the basic first aid skills, outdoor survival skills, and safety guideline of adventure training, etc. The training mainly take place at High Island Training Camp, Sai Kung and the various country parks in the New Territories.

First Aid skills demonstration First Aid examination

3.Land navigation and camp craft training

HKAC provides the following types of adventure training to our members and outsiders such as schools, government departments, other youth organizations, and NGOs etc. The adventure training is mainly provided within our training camps and the various country parks in the New Territories. HKAC is required to deliver the different adventure training equipment for the activity each time.

  • Camping
  • Map reading and use of compass
  • Expedition
  • Physical training
  • Activities Planning
  • Canoeing
Map reading Canoeing
Map reading Camping Canoeing

4.Air-rifle marksmanship training

HKAC provides air-rifle marksmanship training is also provided to members and outsiders. The trainees are required to come to our in-door range located at our training camp. HKAC is responsible for providing the air pistol and rifle, targets, and other essential equipment and the qualified trainers for the shooting training.


5. Signals training

HKAC provides the signals training to our cadets and instructors for communication.  The training includes:                                                                                                                          

  • Communication theory
  • Voice procedure in radio communication
  • Reporting

6. Leadership training

HKAC provides leadership training to our cadets covering topics such as method of instruction and qualities of leader. HKAC sometimes invites guest speakers to delivery lectures on specific leadership topics to our cadets in our camps.

Team building games Leadership training

7.Corps marching band training and music performance

HKAC provides marching band training to the cadets and is required to deliver the music equipment to the venues for performances and trainings. The band is sometimes invited to perform in some joint uniformed group events, such as any flag-raising ceremony, Hong Kong Reunification Ceremony, National Day, and prize presentation ceremonies.

HKAC band in Foundation Day Dinner service HKAC Band in Remembrance Day service
HKAC band in Foundation Day Dinner service HKAC Band in public services

8.Community service

HKAC encourages our cadets to provide the community services to various charities, NGOs, and the Society. The cadets are encouraged to perform community services with their instructors. The services include flag selling, crowd control at public events and activities, and providing logistics and radio support services to other charities and NGOs. HKAC had provided community services with total service man-hours over 17,175 during 2016.