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Project Assistant
Required Skills &
1. Tertiary education with related uniformed group working experience.;
2. General computer knowledge and ability to work with common office software, General knowledge in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc on PC;
3. Experience with uniformed youth group training will be a must.;
4. Driving Licence is an advantage.
Direct Duties & Tasks: 1.To organize/assist in organizing manpower and logistical suppliers for ceremonial events, community services and fund raising projects as assigned by senior officers.
2. To follow up/assist in following up with the unit(s) which has/have been tasked to be responsible for the ceremonial events, community services and fund raising projects to ensure that the support required to execute the assigned task by the responsible unit(s) is available.                                                                             
3. To keep or update records and information related to the events/services/projects for proper documentation, for statistical purpose and for presentation to the management or appropriate authorities
4. To act as the contact point of CHQ and to answer questions from volunteers/ parents/ school representatives in respect of events/services/projects under his/her charge to ensure their smooth execution
5. To draft/assist in drafting project proposals, project budget or project reports and to ensure that such document comply with the necessary protocols.
6. To assist in organizing major ceremonial events and fund raising project of the Corps including preparation of simple correspondences and basic artwork.
7.To update/assist in updating Corps guidelines, standing orders, notices, etc. as well as information posted on the HKAC Website or other online media.
(8) May be required to wear HKAC uniform when required.
 Working Time: Monday to Sunday 0900 - 1700 (shift)(May be required to OT)
Places : Sai Kung High Island Training Camp and Outdoor work is required
Salary:   HKD10000 or above
Application: Applicants are invited to email us their resume, qualifications and skills, working experience, and expected salary to High Island Training Camp, Sai Kung Man Yee Rd,
Sai Kung, New Territories or by email (achq@hkac.org) with subject marked "Application of position - Project Assistant " on or before 8th December 2017.
Remarks: All information provided by the applicants will be kept confidential and used for employment related purposes only.


Deadline for the application: 8th Dec, 2017



日薪:港幣$440 (可面議)



工作日數:每周四日至五日 (可面議)

工作範圍:負責萬宜訓練營 (舊營/HITC) 及香港賽馬會萬宜訓練營 (新營/HKJCHITC)營地內的一般清潔工作,範圍包括以下各部分:

1) 營舍

i) 打掃營舍及清理垃圾

ii) 清潔窗台、百頁簾及貯物櫃灰塵

iii) 替營舍消毒

iv) 清洗風扇及冷氣機隔塵網


2) 洗手間

i) 清潔洗手間廁隔、浴室隔、牆壁、洗手盆、檯面、貯物 櫃及地面

ii) 替洗手間 深層消毒除臭 iii) 清洗抽氣扇


3) 飯堂

i) 清潔飯堂檯面、地面、窗檯

ii) 替飯堂深層消毒

iii) 清洗風扇及冷氣機隔塵網




4) 營地 營舍外之其他範圍

i) 打掃營地及操場地面

ii) 清理雜草及樹葉

iii) 協助清理雜物

iv) 清潔車輛


5) 寫字樓清潔

i) 打掃寫字樓地面、檯面和櫃面及清理垃圾

ii) 協助整理寫字樓雜物

申請截止日期為二零一七年十二月八日,如有查詢,請致電 二七九二 六四八六 或 經電郵(achq@hkac.org)聯絡當值職員。